"Witnesses" filming not taking Covid-19 risk seriously.

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I have a question
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"Witnesses" filming not taking Covid-19 risk seriously.

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Despite the Executive Co-Producers previous public statements on the subject...
Again, I implore readers of this blog to take the pandemic seriously, and to encourage others to take it seriously. It has not gone away. It isn’t finished. It’s not merely like a bad cold. It doesn’t only affect (dispensable?) old people.
This is not, as I’ve just previously said, a matter of liberalism or conservatism or Trumpism. It is a public health issue, and a grave and potentially lethal one. For your own sake, and for the sake of those around you, please take reasonable measures to stop it or at least to slow it down. It’s not only even an issue of public health. It’s a matter of charity, kindness, and personal responsibility. Of love, if you will.
https://www.patheos.com/blogs/danpeters ... wrong.html

...it is clear from an image Peterson posted of "Witnesses" filmmakers this week stood close together without any PPE being worn, that the production team isn't taking the Covid-19 pandemic too seriously.

Blog titled "Strictly Upright" June 25th 2020
https://wp-media.patheos.com/blogs/site ... _River.jpg
(Perhaps somebody smarter than I will post the actual image to this thread)
Three men in a river, on the set of the Interpreter Foundation’s “Witnesses” film project this week at Genesee Country Village, in upstate New York: From left to right: Russell Richins (producer), James Jordan (cinematographer), and Mark Goodman (director)
(Still photograph courtesy of gaffer Rhett Fernsten)
https://www.patheos.com/blogs/danpeters ... right.html

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Re: "Witnesses" filming not taking Covid-19 risk seriously.

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At least from the picture I wouldn't be too concerned. Supposing none of the individuals doing the production have had any active symptoms, or known COVID contacts, and most of the contact was outside. Under these conditions the overall risk is pretty low overall, but still possible.

The conditions at our wards Sunday service was much more concerning. In addition things like the foolish Bednar talk, and the lack of positive modeling of LDS leadership of basic COVID responsibility are much more of a concern in Utah.

Overall at least on COVID related posts Peterson is acting responsibly.

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Philo Sofee
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Re: "Witnesses" filming not taking Covid-19 risk seriously.

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VP Mike Pence says just pray. Jesus will help you out. Yeah he has missed a few hundred thousand this year, but he's gittin warmed up to heal and help once that number of deaths and massive suffering gets so high even he will have to respond. Until then, praying to Jesus ain't doin spit to help out. He's turning out to be quite the bum deity.
Dr CamNC4Me
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