From Derail: which would be the more powerful statement?

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From Derail: which would be the more powerful statement?

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Res Ipsa wrote:
Lemmie wrote:And the unhinged continues to stalk. Add that to the never-ending name-calling, 'promises' that sound like threats, calling being disagreed with "the first salvo," paranoia and animosity, 'sordid pasts' being defined as a description of a bad habit to explain away rumor-mongering, accusations of board-nannying, explaining how they only post as mods when the font is red but attacking people who disagree with them, and it has been a stellar night for the mod team of EAllusion and RI.

And also, according to a mod, we need to stop 'driving away' the Mormons, because 'they are more interesting.' Nothing like a few stereotypes to really inspire trust in our dear moderators. :rolleyes:

Documented for my forthcoming treatise: Lemmie: a case study of pathological passive aggressive trolling.

Oh, god forbid interrupt the circle jerking with a moment of clarity!


- Doc
In the face of madness, rationality has no power - Xiao Wang, US historiographer, 2287 AD.

Every record...falsified, every book rewritten...every statue...has been renamed or torn down, every date...altered...the process is continuing...minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Ideology is always right.

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