Obamagate and Unmasking Flynn

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Re: Obamagate and Unmasking Flynn

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honorentheos wrote:
Thu May 21, 2020 5:02 pm
It's been reported that Flynn was never masked in the FBI's reports on their surveillance, which is an interesting blow to the argument put out by Senate Republicans the Obama admin was fishing for links to Trump seeking to have him unmasked so they could go after a Trump team member. If the idea unmasking is equal to leaking classified info to the press is lost, where does the Obamagate misdirection go next?
Yeah, undercuts the whole premise. But if Flynn was never masked, what’s the deal with the list of people who they claim asked Flynn to be unmasked.

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Re: Obamagate and Unmasking Flynn

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The funny/idiotic thing about this whole Obamagate ____ is that the crime is completely unclear. There's nothing to hang your hat on. Masking? Unmasking?

The only masking people are concerned with these days is whether they should wear one to the grocery store.

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