From Derail: which would be the more powerful statement?

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From Derail: which would be the more powerful statement?

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Res Ipsa wrote:
Lemmie wrote:And the unhinged continues to stalk. Add that to the never-ending name-calling, 'promises' that sound like threats, calling being disagreed with "the first salvo," paranoia and animosity, 'sordid pasts' being defined as a description of a bad habit to explain away rumor-mongering, accusations of board-nannying, explaining how they only post as mods when the font is red but attacking people who disagree with them, and it has been a stellar night for the mod team of EAllusion and RI.

And also, according to a mod, we need to stop 'driving away' the Mormons, because 'they are more interesting.' Nothing like a few stereotypes to really inspire trust in our dear moderators. :rolleyes:

Documented for my forthcoming treatise: Lemmie: a case study of pathological passive aggressive trolling.

Oh, god forbid interrupt the circle jerking with a moment of clarity!


- Doc
In the face of madness, rationality has no power - Xiao Wang, US historiographer, 2287 AD.

Understanding the world as an amoral, chaotic system that is in a constant flux of competing entities all driven by an innate biological determinism is both redpilled and blackpilled.

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