From ''Who will get to do Billy Graham's temple work?''

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From ''Who will get to do Billy Graham's temple work?''

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Maksutov wrote:
LittleNipper wrote:That is not good enough. God will not recognize it.
You're referring to your false God, not Mormon God. You should not worship your false God or you will be destroyed. Your book said so.

My quote has nothing to do with Billy Graham or Billy Graham's temple work. As the comments above...

Seated at the central table and apparently reading a book was the most wonderful being I had ever seen.

I became light-headed. My body refused any commands. I found myself bowing.

He was naked and His skin glowed as if with soft, quivering flames. His curling hair was silver and His eyes were molten copper. His body was huge and perfectly formed, and when His lips smiled upon me I felt that I had never loved before; I loved Him. He bore an aura about His person which I had never associated with the Devil: perhaps it was a kind of dignified humility combined with a sense of almost limitless power.

He spoke in a sweet, mature voice, putting down the book.

“Welcome, Captain von Bek. I am Lucifer.”

I was speaking. I believed Him at that moment and I said as much.

Lucifer acknowledged this, standing to His full height and going to the shelves, where He replaced the book.

He moved with grace and offered the impression of exquisite sadness in His every gesture. It was possible to see how this being had been God’s favourite and that He was surely the Fallen One, destroyed by Pride and now humbled but unable to achieve His place in Heaven.

I believe that I told Him I was at His service. I could not check the words, although I recovered myself sufficiently to deny, mentally, the implications of what I said. I was desperately attempting to secure my reason.

He seemed to know this and was sympathetic. His sympathy, of course, was also disarming and had to be ignored.

He answered my words as if I had offered them voluntarily:

“I wish to strike a bargain with you, Captain von Bek.”

Lucifer smiled, as if in self-mockery:

“You are intelligent and brave and do not deny the truth of what you have become.”
(my highlights...)
I know of nothing poorer
Under the sun, than you, you Gods!
Should I honour you? Why?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe : Prometheus

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