From ''Interview with Ehrman and response''

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From ''Interview with Ehrman and response''

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kairos wrote:years ago I had email discussions with ehrman who was becoming a celebrity because he was or had uncovered a lot of manuscripts that never made it into the canon and of course he conjured up a conspiracy theory. a graduate of Christian wheaton college I think and an evangelical with a Anglican/Episcopalian wife he abandoned Christianity I think and is still a celebrity talking about lost Christianity , Jesus as mortal only etc.

I asked him if there was at least one miracle that could be clearly attributed to Jesus with evidence etc, would that be enough for ehrman to say Jesus was divine. he never answered directly saying faith healing was a totally different subject.

I believe he will return to his evangelical roots before he dies- he know he has too much to lose if there is an afterlife.

just sayin''

Huh? What?

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