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From ''What God Hates''

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 12:35 pm
by ludwigm
DrW wrote:
Tator wrote:[image-----------][/img]

Wow, if it wasn't for the fifth item down on the left side I would not be surprised to see this in the lobby of the Church Office Building.

Notice that each plural noun on the poster has an apostrophe before the final 's'. Such mangling of written English has become a hallmark of the mentality of the fundamentalist religious right.

Hehehe. Imagine any smilie here... and a pic ...

You all know, my "b" language is Martian.
The second one is Hungarian. (This "H" word makes the whole comment to fit to OD... ...)
The third one is English. At least it seems to be working here ...
Then German, Russian, Croatian; You know, we --- at least me --- are living in a worldwide world.