From ''Which LDS distortions have you noticed?''

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From ''Which LDS distortions have you noticed?''

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More like those are distortions of Anti-Mormons...

As both a convert, and someone who then became anti-mormon and anti-religion, I actually know what I'm talking about, unlike you lot.
"Socialism is Rape and Capitalism is consensual sex" - Ben Shapiro

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Re: From ''Which LDS distortions have you noticed?''

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- Doc
In the face of madness, rationality has no power - Xiao Wang, US historiographer, 2287 AD.

Every record...falsified, every book rewritten...every statue...has been renamed or torn down, every date...altered...the process is continuing...minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Ideology is always right.

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