Bill Maher: Soft or Smart?

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Bill Maher: Soft or Smart?

Post by Bach »

He’s come out dumping on liberal “political correctness” as a danger to free speech and our media. ... e-warriors

Not trying to take any credit but it’s something I’ve demonstrated time and time again on this board (which I have long ago conclude is an overwhelming bastion for liberal think). So do liberals here believe Maher is soft or smart in his conclusion?

Intellectual responses would be appreciated (but hardly expected).

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Re: Bill Maher: Soft or Smart?

Post by huckelberry »

Mr Maher often says things I agree with. His free speech position is one he has held a long time and I have agreed with as long or longer. (being that sort of long term liberal) I have seen little to indicate that very many people posting here would disagree.

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Re: Bill Maher: Soft or Smart?

Post by aussieguy55 »

Best presentation I have ever seen he made was on the "flyover states" red states, GOP, poor states occupied by overweight people who rely on food stamps.
Hilary Clinton " I won the places that represent two-thirds of America's GDP.I won in places are optimistic diverse, dynamic, moving forward"

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