Electoral College, Joe Biden Sniffing, FDR and 22nd Amndmt -

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Electoral College, Joe Biden Sniffing, FDR and 22nd Amndmt -

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But nothing on the liberals plan on our economy and job creation. What does that sound like?


Socialist actually spend most their time on issues that do nothing to focus nor affect to make the lives of their voters better other than to promise free stuff paid for by the government. It’s a message of a great life embraced by, I suspect, most posters here. (Probably need to start a new thread here: “Job Creators”)

This is the threat of liberals. No plan of an economy that works but promises of no cars and no planes in 10 years. THAT WORKS - I DIG IT.

But then I’ve worked hard all my life, created an ESOP for all my employees that worked hard along with me and also deserve a great retirement in their lives, I made sure that niether I or my employees will ever be impacted by the absurdity of the left, I doubt most here won’t be adversely affected by our socialistic left. But then it’s obvious most here would rather complain about what others have instead of working for it themselves.

Who’s posting tonight?

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