Shades: “Rules of the Queue” - What/Where Are They?

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Shades: “Rules of the Queue” - What/Where Are They?

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I only ask (again) because you’re boy and coward continues to prevent posts as he sees fit. I get the fact that he fears any one-on-one conversation with me so he will always smugly respond when I inform you that I’ve posted but then buries my post for hours or days. But that is who he is.

So why am I still on queue? Given the vile posts of others here (you know the list) what specific posts have I made to either violate any stated rules or exceed the vile posts of others. Truth: NONE.

What are you rules?

I’d love to engage directly w all EAllusion has said, but not if he is allowed to be the coward and bury my responses!

Let me know if your less a coward.

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