From: Vanessa Tyson: Abandoned by Kavanaugh haters on Left

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From: Vanessa Tyson: Abandoned by Kavanaugh haters on Left

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Jersey Girl wrote:Additionally, the poster's posts are littered with personal attacks, discouraging posters from posting, essentially de-inviting them, odd forms of harassment, basically more weird stalking behaviors, and these types of posts are making it through the queue? Am I missing something here?

This is what happens when a mirror is put in front “spoiled b-word”! She begins her temper tantrum looking for parents to capitulate and make the facts go away. She felt great when she was embracing for women to be labeled the “c-word” and promoting her charter school on her property. The only thing I believe she is missing is honestly addressing the face in her mirror and the issues in front of her when one responds to her posts. I have a daughter that got really mad at me cuz I wouldn’t buy her a “fancy car”. Eventually she matured and grew up. All I can say is, personally, is see some strong lines of similarity to Jersey Girl’s response above. IMHO, she wants someone else to find her “a safe place” to spend the rest of her life. I’m betting she is a huge fan of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

I’ve broken no rules of this board in my response to her. As Shades has admitted, reference to post volume is not against the rules. But maybe it does bring out the guilt of those trying to portray themselves as something other than who they really are.

And for the record, who could I ever be disinviting to this board who had any self confidence to begin with? Jersey Girl? Would love to hear your answer as a confident lady!!

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Re: From: Vanessa Tyson: Abandoned by Kavanaugh haters on L

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Well now, since you brought it up, I’m curious to know what kind of fancy car you didn’t buy and what did she end up buying for herself?

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