Can Someone Please Save DCP From Himself?

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Re: Can Someone Please Save DCP From Himself?

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This is just rich.
And, as regards my supposed propensity to threaten legal action, it's true that several lawyer friends, aware of the Stalker's anonymous multi-year effort to publicly destroy my reputation, have told me that it has sometimes crossed the line into flat-out libel and have encouraged me to go after him. And I've advised him of this, thinking that it might, perhaps, cool his jets a bit. However, it hasn't. But I'm not a litigious sort, so it's quite unlikely that I'll ever take legal action against him. (I happen to think, quite seriously, that he may be mentally disturbed.)
If anything destroys his reputation it is the kind of pathological compulsive behavior that he displayed in the comment section. On a world stage, no less. Yes, I know that these boards and his blog are Internet accessible but Time LightBox? I couldn't believe what I saw happen there. It was simultaneously entertaining and disturbing. The man has no self awareness at all.

I don't recall if Kiwi57 was in that comment section. I have to be honest here when I say that I like Kiwi57 as a person as I got to know him on another board (Geeks) having gone nose to nose with him previously on ZLMB. The online persona that he tries to project though? No, I have no appreciation for that. He joins Daniel and people like LM as if they are a band self deluded hermits living in a basement vacuum in their mind where their version of self important reality is the real deal publicly and display a rudeness that is the intellectually weak person's imitation of strength. And they have stuck to the same old and worn out shtick for years to the point where it's like a bad comedy routine or a bunch of old guys in a nursing home throwing spit balls at each other and giggling over it until they wet their pants. Can't they come up with a fresh script at least?

Outside of these kinds of boards and I guess, Internet Mormons you'd say, no one knows or cares who any of them are.
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