Members push back on proposed temple development

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Members push back on proposed temple development

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The Mormon way is to follow the Prophet, don't criticise leaders, don't publicly oppose the Church etc. However, on the back of a development proposal by the church for a temple in Tooele, local residents, many of whom are Mormons, have decided they don't like the proposals and have decided to activate themselves to get it changed.
Recently, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced plans to build a temple and residential community on what is currently farmland in Erda.

In June, the Tooele County Commission approved a rezoning ordinance giving the project the green light.

Now, some citizens fear that development could change the way of life in this rural community.

“It’s sad to me,” said Monica Kennedy who has lived in Erda for more than two years. “I hate that we are a small town and they are bringing in a big city development.”

The plan calls to build hundreds of homes on a parcel of land that is roughly 150 acres.

“Originally, this land was zoned for 1-acre lots. With the temple coming in, they pushed for a higher density plan,” Kennedy said.

To try to pause the development, Kennedy and several others are organizing a referendum. They are attempting to gather nearly 2,500 signatures countywide by mid-August to allow voters to decide the rezoning issue on the November ballot.

The issue is a sensitive one for residents who want to preserve the small town qualities of their community, but who are also members of the church.

“Being LDS, I recognize the prophet announced there would be a temple in the Tooele valley,” said Ryan Sorensen, an Erda resident who supports the referendum.

Supporters hope the noise made by referendum will cause developers to rethink the current plan and come up with a compromise.

“Development is inevitable,” Sorensen said.

“We know our valley is going to grow, we want it in harmony with what we have established out here,” Kennedy added.

FOX13 reached out to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for a comment and has not heard back. ... emple-site

Will there be some threats about removal of temple recommends going round for this members signing the petition?

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Re: Members push back on proposed temple development

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Retired members want to live close to the Temple in order to spend their waning years doing Temple Work. They are willing to pay extra money to make that happen. The houses around the Draper Temple saw an incredible increase in the sales price and that can be replicated.

Why should the Church let these middlemen real estate developers reap all the profits (even if they do sit on the Church finance committee) when the Church itself could be tucking any profits away in Ensign Peak Investments (which will eventually change the face of Arrakis). Thus the Church is building its own gated community whether these so-called "locals" like it or not. This stuff was all pre-ordained so they can lump it!!!
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Re: Members push back on proposed temple development

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> TFW you realize the Church is a real estate holdings and development firm

- Doc

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Re: Members push back on proposed temple development

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Stop building temples LDS Inc.

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