Three Powerful Books

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Re: Three Powerful Books

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Yeah. I also think MG is a bit over confident in how solid the foundation is for claiming the Book of Mormon leads people to good rather than "evil" because it happens to lead MG to define what is good as being the same as being Mormon.

Is the fact belief in the Book of Mormon led people to follow Smith into the moral ditch that was and is polygamy something he takes into account?

What about how belief in the Book of Mormon served to confirm people into accepting the racism inherent in it's pages and perpetuated well into the present? That if there were a devil and he wanted to cause people to resist understanding humanity as all being one in the sight of God, the Book of Mormon has proven to be an effective tool for teaching racism and priestcraft? MG is firm in his beliefs about homosexuality and treating LBGT people as sinners while passing it off as hating the sin, not the sinner. He isn't interested in exploring if the Book of Mormon isn't, in fact, a perfect instrument for Doug exactly what Callister says it can't possibly do...because like MG, Callister isn't able to see the question of moral behaviour any way other than how Mormonism proclaims good and bad should be defined.

So yeah, if you start with the assumptions of what is good and bad from a Mormon worldview, assume the Book of Mormon was written with supernatural influence of the divine or the devil, and assume the devil won't lead a person into the life of good as defined by Mormonism, well. What conclusion is left but it must be divinely inspired?
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Re: Three Powerful Books

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Very well put...
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Re: Three Powerful Books

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How could Joseph have known that the devil couldn't write such marvelous chiasmatic prose, and in EmodE, the blessed language of God? Forget the lack of real evidence for historicity or the lack of israelite DNA in Native American populations or archeology that doesn't match or anthropology that doesn't match or linguistic impossibilities, or impossible population growth of the Nephites, etc., etc. EmodE .... Emod freakin' E!!!!!
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Re: Three Powerful Books

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mentalgymnast wrote:
Tue Jun 16, 2020 8:51 pm
Previously I’ve mentioned two books that had a positive impact on my views in regards to the BofM:

By the Hand of Mormon (Terryl Givens)

Understanding the Book of Mormon (Grant Hardy)

A third one I would now add to the list:

A Case For the Book of Mormon (by Tad Callister) ... 162972565X

These three books have had a big influence on me as I’ve read many books, pro and con.

Don’t rely on what others might say about any one of these books.

Why should we rely on your opinions MG or the opinions of Hardy, Givens or Callister? Some of us have learned to think for ourselves. Get rid of this racist nonsense then maybe we can talk.
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