Basic Questions for Mormon Politicians

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Basic Questions for Mormon Politicians

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We see the election season over and over and over again. Many of us live in areas where Mormons are not the majority. When a Mormon politician runs for office most want to keep the reality of their religion out of the public eye.

So, in meet the Candidate nights and similar I often ask two basic questions of them.

What, exactly... is a Lamanite?

Do you believe they actually exist and, if so - where are they?

Some refuse to answer for some reason or another. Others start and then obfuscate. Some will answer the first part and then get confused about the second. A few proudly claim their fine American Indian friends to be Lamanites - but get very uncomfortable when the "cursed with a dark skin" and "so they won't be enticing to White and Delightsome people" is brought up.

Sure with Mitt Romney had been hit with this stuff during his poor attempts to be President.

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