BYU Continues To Receive Coronavirus Funding

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Re: BYU Continues To Receive Coronavirus Funding

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Like Dr Moore, I will maintain my celebration of BYU making the right decision. I think to complain about it in some way is being overly critical, or critical for critical's sake. At some point you have to hand it to others, and there's no doubt, you have to hand it to BYU. This was a good move--good for everyone.

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Re: BYU Continues To Receive Coronavirus Funding

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One wonders what decision BYU would have reached had the $100 billion secret stash remained a secret...
The University of Utah, in partnership with Brigham Young University, has been awarded $6.8 million from the U.S. Department of Education to support international education and language study over the next four years. The Title VI National Resource Center and Foreign Language and Area Studies grants will provide funding directly to the Center for Latin American Studies, Asia Center and their BYU counterparts and will earmark $4.6 million for student scholarships.
This shows the ludicrously wealthy University was not against taking free cash when offered when the Ensign Peak hoard was not yet public knowledge. That's not necessarily the University's fault, because University management was unlikely to have known at that point just how big a pile of cash their Church Masters were sat on. But someone in the hierarchy knew. (I wonder how much public money BYU has accepted over the years its parent has been sat on that eyewateringly large pile of cash...)

And now University Management, along with the rest of us, know.

I don't believe BYU concluding that it didn't need the fallout from accepting $50 million of public money, against the current public backdrop of its parent having such a large stash of donated cash and already-circulating negative publicity about the offer, is a cause for "celebration". What other decision could it have reached during the month long deliberations about it? What was there to deliberate, other than "could we get away with it?"?

It is clear their first thought was to see if they could take the cash...
“BYU is in the process of determining how funds allocated for our students through the CARES Act can best be distributed. Assisting our students with their needs is our first priority right now. We have not yet made any other decisions in regard to CARES Act funding for the institution,” said university spokeswoman Carri Jenkins. ... ef-funding

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