Mr Curtis teaches LDS Business College Lasagne Testimony

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Mr Curtis teaches LDS Business College Lasagne Testimony

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When Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr. served as a mission president in Italy from 1998-2001, one of his missionaries referred to a testimony-building experience as creating a “lasagna testimony.”

“It’s the little things like that that really add another layer of lasagna to the lasagna testimony,” the missionary said.

Lasagna has layer after layer of cheese, noodles and sauce, noted Elder Curtis, a General Authority Seventy and Church Historian and Recorder, who spoke about testimony during a May 12 LDS Business College video-conference devotional. ... yer-183868
What age group attends the LDS Business College? Because this sounds like a Sharing Time talk in Primary.
“Our testimony grows as we add layer after layer of spiritual experiences,” he said, then explaining the process of adding layers to one’s testimony.

“Fasting, listening to sacred music, reading the scriptures, repenting, thanking the Lord, giving service to others — have you found that those things bring the Spirit, and in turn strengthen your testimony?” Elder Curtis asked.
Brilliant, a key ingredient in Lasagne Testimony making is not eating. Brilliant analogy.

While Elder Curtis recommends the study of Church history to strengthen members’ testimonies, he also realizes the “irony” that such study has led to some members of the Church to lose their faith.
He outlines four guides to avoid that mistake:

Get your Church history from reliable sources.
Don’t expect perfection in Church leaders and members.
Make sure that you learn enough Church history — “context is everything.”
Be patient and exercise faith.
Reliable sources? We know for a fact that the least reliable source on Church History has been the Church. Gaslighting at its worst. The dishonest way people like Curtis put things across is why members need to look outside the Church to corroborate what's being told to them. That's where the truth is first heard, the Church only becomes transparent about things that have already been made public by supposedly untrustworthy sources.

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Re: Mr Curtis teaches LDS Business College Lasagne Testimony

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I suggest the king had no clothes testimony in which the GA strips to his garments while giving his testimony ending with " As you brethern and sisters can see the Church has no standing as a legit church- it vaporizes when tested.

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