Russia temple announcement, what was the point?

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Russia temple announcement, what was the point?

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2 years ago this happened...
At this time, we have 159 functioning temples, and more are under construction. We want to bring temples closer to the expanding membership of the Church. So we are now pleased to announce plans to construct seven more temples. Those temples will be located in the following locations: Salta, Argentina; Bengaluru, India; Managua, Nicaragua; Cagayan de Oro, Philippines; Layton, Utah; Richmond, Virginia; and a major city yet to be determined in Russia. ... n?lang=eng

What was the point of making that announcement?
Is it simply an example of Nelson's desperate effort to outdo Hinckley?
Temple Facts
The Russia Temple will be the fifteenth temple built in Europe and the first built in Russia.
When the Russia Temple was announced, no city was named as part of the announcement as it had not yet been determined.
Temple Site
No city has been officially announced for the location of the Russia Temple. However, there are currently only three cities in the country where stakes have been organized: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Saratov.
Now that Russia knows how much money the Church has, I suspect there'll be a significant "ground breaking tax" to pay if the Church wants to make good on this particular midnight light pen moment from Nelson.

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Re: Russia temple announcement, what was the point?

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The announcement of a Russian temple was based on promoting faith and generating excitement among the saints across the globe. It's a move to demonstrate that the Church intends to fulfill the mandate to take the gospel to EVERY nation on earth. But even in that respect the Church has no chance of taking their religion to North Korea or Iran anytime soon -- which means Mormon Jesus can't return until the Church has entered every nation and is actively teaching NelSatan's restored brand of TheChurchofJesusChristofLatterdaySaintISM.

I doubt a Russian temple will be built anytime soon. And if so, it won't get much patronage. It's purpose is to generate faith promoting ____ stories and serve as an expensive prop to take photos. What's funny is that the more the Church pushes the temple the more the Internet exposes its rites and secrets. People are going to learn more and more that the Mormon temple is based on stolen Masonic rites practiced in beautiful buildings that require participants to give up coffee, tea, alcohol, and pay 10% of there income to the AMERICAN run Church.

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