The First God

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Paul Osborne wrote:Snort,

You're simply full of vomit and covered by flies. How about you read the teachings of President Gordon B. Hinckley before you make such a stupid remark? You don't seem to be very intelligent. You are a sinful person, a jester of Satan - full of iniquity, abomination, and filth. You will go to hell unless you repent. Yes, I have judged you this day and my judgment is just. You are an enemy of Jesus Christ.

Paul O

Ozzy, your judging makes 8 lb. 6 oz. baby Jesus cry. Personally, it makes me laugh.

The truth is a lot easier to see when you stop assuming you already have it. - Me

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The first God

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The idea that there is an eternal progression that goes back through eternity is impossible. Eternity, by its very nature, is unending.

If there was a 1st God, that implies a beginning; ergo, it's not eternity.

for what it's worth, I believe in an eternal, unchanging God, that has been the same for eternity.

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