I like Nephi's style!

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Polygamy Porter
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I like Nephi's style!

Post by Polygamy Porter »

Nephi on the Fboards that is....

He starts out by asking about how the church handles LEGAL polygamy in other countries.

Watch the fair cats try and tiptoe around that turd old Neph' laid in their sandbox!


His final post takes the CAKE: http://www.fairboards.org/index.php?s=& ... 1208058724

Really gets the reader to stop and think...

NOTE: We already know that you think they will burn in hell, so skip it Paul :)

Additional note, Allen is still afraid of Shades followers and is pissy about linking from Shady Acres to their sandbox, so you will need to cut and paste the URLs...

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Post by MormonMendacity »

He can either divorce them or kill all but one. I'm pretty sure that polygamy is legal -- if your spouse is dead.

A man can take another woman to the temple and marry her for Time and All Eternity(tm) if his wife is dead. He doesn't have to divorce his dead wife to marry the second and have her sealed to him.

Or maybe I'm just getting all this made-up doctrine confused with other made-up doctrines.
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