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Upon the Mount of Olives
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A couple of days ago when the forum first went back up there was a user named " Stoverus".
On the off topic forum he was offering lessons in the Icelandic language. I don't have the mental ability to learn another language, but it did bring to mind the fact that I had never heard of any missionaries that were sent to Iceland.
So my question is does TSCC send missionaries to Iceland?
How well do they learn the language? (It is known to be difficult to learn)


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Dr. Shades
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Oh yes! Missionaries are definitely sent to Iceland.

A girl I knew rather well from before my mission got called there and we wound up in the MTC at the same time.

As for how tough the language is to learn, I confess I have no idea.

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My guess would be the language derives a lot of its sounds from chattering teeth, just a hunch.
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