Keys of the Prophet - a religious question

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Keys of the Prophet - a religious question

Post by moksha »

On another thread, there was a dialogue with Plutarch:

Plutarch wrote:
But, it is a fundamental belief of the Church that Gordon B. Hinckley is the only man on earth who holds all of the keys of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Then Moksha asked: Can he perform a resurrection? Can he grant salvation?

Plutarch replied: Could St. Peter?

Which leads me back to my wondering about this general area. I remember reading previously that the Prophet Joseph Smith had granted Heber C. Kimball and his family Salvation and Eternal Exaltation in exchange for marrying his fourteen year old daughter Helen Mar Kimball. I can only assume there were other such bargains made for other wives. So is this bargaining power for Salvation and Exaltation one of the keys the Prophet holds? I had previously be taught that this was in the sole providence of God via the Atonement of Jesus.

As to the Key to Resurrection, I once again think this is what Jesus is supposed to do rather than the LDS Prophet.

Any input?

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Post by truth dancer »

Hey Moksha...

My understanding is, the second annointing does indeed guarantee exaltation so... I guess those keys have been given to the brethren who perform the ceremony.

Also, seems many believing members suggest Joseph Smith will be the one to judge us, so while it is not an earthly thing, I suppose it means that Joseph Smith has the keys.


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