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Kevin Graham wrote:Yea, that was a bummer. Even worse are the FAIR classics threads.

I agree. I hadn't gotten through all of them when the board went down. I really, really wish I had saved them all.

The Juliann threads were particularly valuable and entertaining.

I agree!

But I will eventually write up the Book of Abraham posts again. They were kind of a beginner's introduction, which is why I think so many people appreciated them. . . I am also planning t develop a KEP project of sorts. One that will explain the current state of affairs, and pro and con arguments.

That's a great idea! Not all of us are as well-read on that issue as you are, so your explanations were extremely valuable.

I have been away for the past few days, but intend to write more this week. Probably more on my forum, but I will probably double-post here as well.

WOO-HOO!! That's good news--I was hating the prospect of not having your expertise available to the folks here, too.

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