From ''Spraying our bums''

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From ''Spraying our bums''

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Symmachus wrote:Bonified,

Immature poets imitate, mature poets steal.

Pedants use Google.

Your ref (and the picture on it) made me to make another ref: this.

Unfortunately, I didn't find a readable/downloadable version, but, as the original is not more than two pages, the plot should be enough (read the original if You can; its language can not be conveyed by a mere plot)

A Babylonian king orders his subjects to build him a labyrinth "so confusing and so subtle that the most prudent men would not venture to enter it, and those who did would lose their way." When an Arab king visited his court, the king of Babylon told him to enter the labyrinth in order to mock him. The Arab king finally managed to get out and told the Babylonian that in his land he had another labyrinth, and Allah willing, he would see that someday the king of Babylonia made its acquaintance." The Arab king returned to his land, and launched an extremely successful attack on the Babylonians, finally capturing the Babylonian King. The Arab tied him on a camel and led him into the desert. After three days of riding, the Arab reminds the Babylonian that he tried to make him lose his way in his labyrinth, and says that he will now show him his, "which has no stairways to climb, nor door to force, nor wearying galleries to wander through, nor walls to impede thy passage." He then untied the Babylonian king, "and abandoned him in the middle of the desert, where he died of hunger and thirst..."
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