From ''A man looking for good questions to ask missionaries''

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From ''A man looking for good questions to ask missionaries''

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Some association...

Choyo Chagas wrote:i asked them the 40 wife of joseph smith. they said no such thing.
i showed them the essay on my pc.
one asked where did i found this antimormon material, they may not read such texts.
after i showed the address, they read together half of it.
Choyo Chagas wrote:i asked the priesthood ban of 1978. they said they didn't live then and there was no ban. i had no my pc to show the priesthood ban essay.
then asked the garment thing.
they said we learn the garment after one year membership and the temple.
temple is a sacred we can not know before one year.

... then ... ... MB20150720 wrote:
Islamic State cracks down on Internet use in Syrian stronghold - monitor
Islamic State militants raided Internet cafes in their Syrian stronghold city of Raqqa after ordering a ban on wireless networks that can be used by private homes, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said on Monday.
In order to implement a news blackout of the group's activities, Islamic State had given cafe owners four days from Sunday to disconnect wireless Internet networks used by residents, the Observatory said, citing an IS leaflet circulated in Raqqa.
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