From ''Anonymous 'prepared' to seize LDS.ORG''

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From ''Anonymous 'prepared' to seize LDS.ORG''

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Beshrew me if I leave this out --- offtopic but fits to the title

Statue of Anonymus in the City Park of Budapest. Created by Miklós Ligeti in 1903.
[#img] ... onymus.JPG[/img]
wiki : Anonymus (chronicler) wrote:Anonymus (Latin for "unnamed"; fl. late 12th century – early 13th century) was the notary and chronicler of a Hungarian King, probably Béla III. Little is known about him, but his latinized name began with P, as he referred to himself as "P. dictus magister".

Anonymus is famous for his work Gesta Hungarorum ("The Deeds of the Hungarians"), written in Latin around 1200.
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