From ''Polygamy essay author exposed...''

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From ''Polygamy essay author exposed...''

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Markk wrote:He was a lawyer for LA unified school district.


The representative of a party insider (the puppy of our dog).

by the way
Is this offtopic?
Is this special in H?

One of our cultural under-secretaries (chosen personally by our prime minister / dictator / wannabe king / ruler / loved leader / Putin's sucker / take Your pick) has said:
"Balneology is not necessary to teach, because we don't have any sea and any ~bálna~.
Not a joke...

1. Balneology
Balneotherapy (Redirected from Balneology)
therapy (Latin: balneum "bath") is the treatment of disease by bathing, usually practiced at spas. While it is considered distinct from hydrotherapy, there are some overlaps in practice and in underlying principles. Balneotherapy may involve hot or cold water, massage through moving water, relaxation, or stimulation. Many mineral waters at spas are rich in particular minerals such as silica, sulfur, selenium, and radium.

2. Bálna
Whale in Hungarian language.

Cultural under-secretary. Chosen by the king itself.
- Whenever a poet or preacher, chief or wizard spouts gibberish, the human race spends centuries deciphering the message. - Umberto Eco
- To assert that the earth revolves around the sun is as erroneous as to claim that Jesus was not born of a virgin. - Cardinal Bellarmine at the trial of Galilei

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