VICTIMS OF JOHN DEHLIN & his helpers. Tell me more:

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Re: VICTIMS OF JOHN DEHLIN & his helpers. Tell me more:

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I want to report that John Dehlin once looked at me with a "come hither" look, like of a "Joseph Smith to Fanny Alger 'lets go to the barn'" kinda look. Of course, I was watching him on the Internet, but, still, it was definitely "come hither".

Also, ex-Mormon wives making out in Phoenix.

Comment: From what I've "seen" of ex-Mormon wives, I DO NOT WANT to see them making out!! Really, I don't want that. I don't even want to think about it. For $40 you can go to any strip club and watch two cute 18 year old females make out. But, even if I could watch for free, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE two ex-Mormon wives making out!!!

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Re: VICTIMS OF JOHN DEHLIN & his helpers. Tell me more:

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Ah. Another Rosebudsock puppet thread from the past.

Does anyone know how this OP complaint turned out? Anything come from it? I don't see much news from Dr. Dehlin anymore. Is he still making a living doing exMormon marriage cruises and conventions?
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