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The fate of Salt Lake Valley in the next 30 to 50 years....
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Author:  daheshism [ Thu Jul 14, 2011 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  The fate of Salt Lake Valley in the next 30 to 50 years....

In the next 30 to 50 years, Salt Lake Valley will become predominantly Hispanic, and it will be just like Los Angeles is TODAY.

More and more whites (Mormons or otherwise) move out of certain neighborhoods, and those neighborhoods become exclusively "minority". Hispanic gangs will sell drugs, they "tag" (spray paint) all over the place, reducing property values, crime increases. Many more blacks will come into the State because other states (such as California) are going BUST supporting them, and the liberal white leaders of Utah will accept non-working blacks so as to appear "not racist". The Polynesian gangs who now have a monopoly on drug sales will fight with hispanics for "turf". The new black populations in Salt Lake will form gangs, and will fight the Polys and Hispanics for drug turf.

Blacks and hispanic gangsters will TERRORIZE the few white kids in school in these ares, and white kids either have to join a gang (if allowed) for protection, or face daily and hourly terrorism, beating, their money stolen, and harrasment.

Hispanics and blacks have many children. Hispanics because it is their culture. Blacks because they get more welfare money the more children they have. White Mormons will have fewer children because they are not on Welfare, and expenses will rise for them beyond their salaries.

Because blacks and hispanic gangsters harrass their children at school, whites flee to various areas like southern Salt Lake County and Toole, while the rich whites form enclaves along the benches; walled communities protected by 24-hour armed guards (such as they have in Los Angeles).

In next 30 years, Salt Lake County will be mostly hispanic and black, with some white enclaves around Draper, Bluffdale, and closed communities along benches and in Harriman. The working Middle-class whites will live in Toole County and commute to Salt Lake valley for work via freeways and new "rail" lines.

Gang problem at that time will be like Los Angeles, and there will be 30,000 "street people" (i.e. the people buying the drugs) of all races and colors on the streets of Salt Lake, West Valley City, South Salt Lake, Sandy, Taylorsville, etc. These street people will break into cars and homes daily as long as pan-handle. Whites will get tired of their cars broken into daily, and have to "pay" monthly parking prices in pay-lots which are protected by armed guards 24 hours per day (as they must do in many parts of Los Angeles. Daily gang shootings and killings as Hispanic, Polynesian, and Black gangs fight for drug turf.

Liberal white politicians, the ones who invited the blacks to Utah and spend billions of tax-payer money to provide for them, scratch their heads and spend more money on various "programs" to get blacks and hispanics college and job training. Some Hispanics go for this, and a few black women, but very few black men do ((( black men join gangs because it is easy quick money so they can buy nice cars and clothing as a way to get sex daily))).

Thirty years from now, Salt Lake County will resemble Los Angeles of today....too expensive for Middle-class workers, but filled with Hispanics (80%) and blacks (15%) and some rich whites who live in Herriman and along the benches in closed communities protected by guard dogs and armed guards with private schools. The few white kids in the public schools will be beaten and terrorized daily if not HOURLY if a Hispanic or black gang does not accept them as a member. Most poor and middle-class whites will live in Toole Valley and Skull Valley, and Utah Valley, and commute every day to Salt Lake Valley for work, and a goodly amount of their taxes will go to support the Hispanic and black communities.

Fifty years from now, Toole Valley will resemble Salt Lake, mostly minorities and gangs, and the whites will live in small walled communities, protected by armed guards and high walls. Poor whites will have to assimulate into minority culture or face daily beatings, terrorism, and harrassment. Poor whites will move away to smaller towns in Southern and Eastern Utah avoid daily terrorism. Rich whites in walled protected enclaves in benches and maybe a few in South Salt Lake and Tooele. Hispanics will be majority in the State.

Thirty years from now Utah Valley will be the LAST "white" bastion in America; with 51% of the population "white" and the rest Hispanic or black.

Fifty years from now Utah Valley will be 70% hispanic, 20% white, and 10% black.

Fifty years from now The LDS Church will accept homosexuals fully, and there will even be openly gay bishops and stake presidents and perhaps at least one openly gay Apostle. The LDS Church by that time will admit that the Book of Mormon is an "inspired parable" and not literal history.

Conservatives will have by this time "split off" from the LDS Church into over 100 new churches, most led by "prophets", all claiming to be the "One True Church" and to carry on the true traditions of Mormonism. Each one of these spin-offs will continue to be anti-gay and declare that THEY are the True Church, and all others are apostates. Most conservative Mormons will join one of the over 100 spin-off churches, while the moderate and liberal Mormons (who will be the great majority at that time) will continue to belong to the LDS Church.

In fifty years the pro-gay LDS Church will retain the legal holdings, own all the temples and meeting hosues, and still be rich and powerful, and have 30 million members. Young Mormons in Seminary will be taught that Joseph Smith was "pro-gay" and gays and lesbians will be "sealed" for time and all eternity inside Mormon temples.

The spin-offs will have about 1 million members divided into 100 "churches" all claiming to be "the One True Church" and all led by "Living Prophets". Most based in Utah or Arizona or Idaho, but a few based in other countries. Africa alone will have 50 of the 100 spin-offs; all lead by black Mormon polygamist "prophets".

In fifty years the LDS Church will be pro-choice, pro-feminist, and pro-gay. Mormon women will get abortions openly. Those who preach against abortion or homosexuality will be excommunicated if they do not "repent".

In fifty years the Temple Endowment will be watered down so much as to be almost unrecognizable today; only the spin-offs having the 1850, or 1920, or 1970, or 1990, or 2005 versions. The "new" endowment will not be secret, and will re-write the Endowment Film to reflect Heavenly Mother as co-equal in the creation with Heavenly Father, and Eve as the equal to Adam, etc.

A few of you will live to SEE THIS HAPPEN.

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