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 Post subject: The Definitive TIMELINE of the Catholic Kids/Native Event...
PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 6:11 pm 

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What we see here is a VAST amount of utter evil (including omitted video due to much worse vulgarity) by both the Black Israelites a group that even the Leftist lying bigoted Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as radical/racist, and a few Native Americans (though some of that video is in my other post and online), and yet ZERO evil from the Catholic kids, the most they do is at one point do a chant toward the bigoted black Israelites, then they sing with the native chant/drum, then a kid smiles at the old guy in his face.

Yet, to the Leftist media, the kids are the "evil" ones in this story. Leftists are NOT about the truth and right, they are about destroying what is Right and True. Near every single time they open their mouths about ANYTHING, they are almost always lying, period, end of story. I see it every time what they are omitting and how that omission completely changes the conclusion.

Even when some Leftists recognize their "error" such as in this case, even then, they STILL don't condemn the ACTUAL wrongdoers in the story, and they STILL try to find fault with the Right, i.e. the kids in this story. Oh, you shouldn't have smiled, oh you wore a Maga Hat, don't you know that's now the symbol of the KKK, on and on.

You see, if any of you finally "see" this story for what it is, I 100% promise you, it is 100% the SAME on every other thing Leftists claim about something or someone. I mean, just in the first 3 weeks of the year there were "4" blatantly false stories promitted by the media, and that's just the major story's, not including all the claims and smaller stories.

Woe unto those who call good evil and evil good...

"Socialism is Rape and Capitalism is consensual sex" - Ben Shapiro

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