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 Post subject: From ''WARNING: China Discovers Earth Killer Asteroid Coming''
PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2016 10:56 am 
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So... the reason that the impending asteroid Armageddon will fail to materialize is 5 x 2 mt thermonuclear detonations used to deflect at 2.3 some odd lunar distances out within the last few days, for a alleged impact on the 25th of September against a 10^14 kg mass........

Baloney detector says - unmitigated ____ of the worst kind.


Nobody has noticed these launches. Nor the nuclear detonations except your secret sources. A standard icbm wouldn't be able to deliver a payload at that distance in the given timeframe, and even a special built asteroid deflection system, I haven't done the math but my gut tells me it would take a Saturn sized delivery system 3 or so days to place a 2mt nuclear payload at that distance in that time..... And no one noticed the launch.

Then, again I haven't done the math, but my gut says deflection at this point by nuclear detonation against a mass you report travelling at the velocity you report would be akin to throwing a snowball at a mile long freight train travelling at 70mph. Eg the Tsar Bomba wouldn't do jack to deflect it this deep into the gravity well. A 2 megaton detonation against a 10E+14 kilograms mass moving at Earth transect speeds wouldn't slow it at all, just nudge its course very slightly, so slightly at this juncture (as per the date you claim for flyby) as to be meaningless. And the smaller chunk debris field caused by detonations would shotgun the Earth into oblivion, making a thermonuclear deflection attempt moot.

Proposed deflection idea usually involve detonations way out in deep space.

In the same year NASA released a study where the asteroid Apophis (with a diameter ~300 m) was assumed to have a much lower rubble pile density ("1500 kg/m^3") and therefore mass than is now known, and in the study, it is assumed to be on an impact trajectory with Earth for the year 2029. Under these hypothetical conditions, the report determines that a "Cradle spacecraft" would be sufficient to deflect it from Earth impact. This conceptual spacecraft contains six B83 physics packages that are bundled together and lofted by an Ares V vehicle sometime in the 2020s, with each B83 being fuzed to detonate over the asteroid's surface at a height of 100 m ("1/3 of the objects diameter" as its stand-off), one after the other, with hour long intervals between each successive detonation. The results of this study indicated that a single employment of this "option can deflect NEOs of [100-500m diameter] two years before impact, and larger NEOs with at least five years warning".[59][60] These effectiveness figures are considered to be "conservative" by its authors and only the thermal X-ray output of the B83 devices was considered, while neutron heating was neglected for ease of calculation purposes.[60][61]

The laws of physics state that Bgood is fearmongering and full of bull manure.

So if the world doesn't cease to exist within the next week, we will consider this nothing more than typical bgood fear mongering, based on ____, just as the rest of his predictions for the apocalypse.

It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener at war.

Some of us, on the other hand, actually prefer a religion that includes some type of correlation with reality.
~Bill Hamblin

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 Post subject: Re: From ''WARNING: China Discovers Earth Killer Asteroid Co
PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 5:56 pm 
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Yup, need to stop hanging out at ALF.

We accept the reality of the world with which we're presented. It's as simple as that. ~ Christof

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