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 Post subject: Facebook is not my friend
PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:28 pm 
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Yeah, I know this is probably the 3rd Facebook rant I've posted on, but the disgust seems to be incremental, which brings me to today's rant.

Dear Facebook friends,

1. Stop writing rants about how much you hate your freaking job. I've told you before that your posts are public and easily searchable. Are you trying to get fired before the end of your last year?

2. When you put up a post to an article, like the one you posted today about how the docs at Mayo suggest you should get up from the desk at work, leave the building and never return, and you say you'd like to follow the doctor's advice (because you hate your job), it's always a good idea to click the link to the article. If you had done that, you'd see it was from the Onion. You have a Master's degree, right?

3. This is your last year of work. Try to get through it with a little finesse, okay? I got sick of seeing your job related rants (set to public) every stinking day. That's why you are "unfollowed". Hold your head up, do your best, and stop bitching about your job. It makes you look weak and powerless. We know you hate it. Everyone knows you hate it. Even strangers know you hate it. Pretty sure some day soon, your boss is going to know you hate it and ____ can your ass.

4. Hey you guys with the political posts! Didn't your parents ever tell you not to discuss politics (and religion) with friends? Knock it the hell off! Put up a music video or something. Sheesh! :rolleyes:

5. No, I don't want to see pics of your current vacation. I *know* how much debt you're in. Not impressed!

k, I feel better now.

Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.
Chinese Proverb

Stay close to the people who feel like sunlight ~ Arsu Shaikh

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