New LDS manual teaches racism. Mistake?

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Re: New LDS manual teaches racism. Mistake?

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I wish that NAACP rep would have turned to Stevenson and said: "what you talking about Willis?
you say my black ass skin is a sign of a curse? what curse you talking about? how come i got a sign of a curse and your lily white ass ain't got no sign of a curse?
by the way if my daughter marries your son, does that take away the sign of the curse or double the curse? you Mormons got to get over this curse bulls*it!

Elder Stevenson: "that is some deep theology; i am not sure we teach that anymore and no one knows to much about it"!

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Re: New LDS manual teaches racism. Mistake?

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Church spokesman Eric Hawkins declined to comment about whether the church would issue a statement about the manual on its website, send an email to all members, or recall the copies. ... ints-want/

Why has the First Presidency not done any of those things?
“When we are confronted with evidence that challenges our deeply held beliefs we are more likely to reframe the evidence than we are to alter our beliefs. We simply invent new reasons, new justifications, new explanations. Sometimes we ignore the evidence altogether.” (Mathew Syed 'Black Box Thinking')

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Re: New LDS manual teaches racism. Mistake?

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Wrong thread!
In the face of madness, rationality has no power - Xiao Wang, US historiographer, 2287 AD.

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