BYU throws Honour Code under the bus...

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I have a question
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BYU throws Honour Code under the bus...

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Brigham Young University will allow same-sex couples to compete in a national ballroom dance competition hosted by the school, a move that goes against the institution's code against gay relationships, officials said.

BYU was required to lift its ban on same-sex couples competing in the U.S. National Amateur DanceSport Championships, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

The Provo university owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has hosted the competition since at least 1997.

The change goes against BYU's Honor Code. The university does not allow men to dance together in its own classes despite being a renowned school for ballroom dance. ... n-68432226

So why are they going against their own honour code?

The National Dance Council of America revised its policy in September under the threat of a lawsuit and public pressure to allow “same-sex/gender neutral couples" to compete alongside opposite-sex couples in all of the organization's events.

In order to hold the March 2020 competition, BYU will be required to abide by the new rules.

BYU spokeswoman Carri Jenkins said in an email that “in consultation with the leadership of the National Dance Council of America, it was determined that the magnitude of the competition at BYU warranted a full sanction, which requires adherence to all NDCA rules and regulations.”
BYU has decided hosting the competition is more important than standing up for what they believe.

Activism and pressure from external organisations works. Just like it did back in the 70’s.
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Re: BYU throws Honour Code under the bus...

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Didn't you know they always supported same-sex ballroom dancing, and that earlier policies against it were just men of their time creating policy that wasn't in line with the Lord's guidance?

Isn't it wonderful? Isn't it marvelous?

- Doc
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Re: BYU throws Honour Code under the bus...

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I heard BYU will have security personnel following the same sex couples around campus, to make sure no funny stuff happens like public displays of affection. Pres. Oaks demanded that in the name of "religious freedom."
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Re: BYU throws Honour Code under the bus...

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Don't the cheerleaders at football games already violate the honor code with their outfits? I mean, I'm not surprised by this.
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Re: BYU throws Honour Code under the bus...

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I’m pretty sure the women are allowed to dance together in BYU’s ballroom classes. Ballroom being a partner-oriented art, and all that. It’s hard to practice a two person dance by yourself.

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