Hey, kids, have you heard of podcasts?

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Holy Ghost
Holy Ghost
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Hey, kids, have you heard of podcasts?

Post by Holy Ghost »

New, from the LDS church are these about the varying accounts of the First Vision

https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.or ... Hyhz1Oh5wA
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Re: Hey, kids, have you heard of podcasts?

Post by jfro18 »

I read the transcripts of the first episode and then the episode that cover the "9 accounts" of the First Vision, and it's just more of the same.

They ignore the problems and just present their evidence as unimpeachable, which is even worse since they are absolutely hammering home the idea that this is what the historians believe. In the first episode they do not even touch the idea that Joseph's FV couldn't have happened in 1820, which is obviously important for the context/background of the time. And in the 9 accounts episode they don't ever mention the 1832 account by name nor do they discuss the contradictions outside of the usual apologetic that the accounts together give a more robust view. You'd think they'd at least mention that Joseph only saw 1 personage in the 1832 account, but I can see why they want to keep members in the dark.

I really need to listen to it to see how they use music and voice to really manipulate those emotional connections, but it's just more of the same from the church.

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Dr Exiled
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Re: Hey, kids, have you heard of podcasts?

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The gaslighting keeps me coming back to comment in these forums. Clearly, the various first vision accounts are problematic to one who wants to know if the current canonized 1838 version actually happened. It didn't, yet, the church continues to push it as if it happened as stated.

The 200 year anniversary of the 1838 account coming up will be a gaslighter's dream I suspect.
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