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 Post subject: Jewish Rabbis, Mormon Apologetics, and Science
PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 10:20 pm 
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So, I’m reading Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman!, W. W. Norton and Co., 1985, and something caught my eye. He’s at a conference participating in a round table with different faiths and scientists and sociologists, etc., and he mentions he stayed at the Jewish Theological Seminary over night. (pp. 279-287) A couple of Jewish students asked him is electricity fire? He said no. They had told him they realized they couldn’t possibly be rabbis in our day without knowing something about science, hence they asked him the question. He asked them what they were asking for. They said that the Talmud says you’re not supposed to make fire on Saturday, so they wondered if they could use electrical gadgets on Saturday.

“I was shocked! They weren’t interested in science at all! [anymore than Daniel C. Peterson or Lou Midgley is, though they love to quote scientists in order to serve their own myopic apologetic needs to bolster their sagging claim to reality in the scriptures they imagine are actual history] The only way science was influencing their lives was so they might be able to interpret better the Talmud! They weren’t interested in the world outside, in natural phenomena; they were only interested in resolving some question brought up in the Talmud… it really was a disappointment. Here they are, slowly coming to life, only to better interpret the Talmud. Imagine! In modern times like this, guys are studying to go into society and do something – to be a rabbi – and they only way they think that science might be interesting is because their ancient, provincial, medieval problems are being confounded slightly by some new phenomena.” (quote until the ellipses on page 285, and after ellipses, on page 286 half way down the page)

You know, there is, and ought to be, properly so, a sting in that…

Is Midgely serious? Peterson's blog is a patty-cake, surface only, all too frequently plagiarized bit of ephemeral nonsense. Why would anyone suppose avatars must be real? Midgley has lost his tiny little mind. Maybe he can go over to never-neverland and harass Peter Pan for not really knowing how to fly. -Lemmie-

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