Trump appoints a Mormon as National Security Advisor

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Trump appoints a Mormon as National Security Advisor

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Born in Los Angeles, O’Brien attended high school in Santa Rosa and then UCLA. Shortly after completing law school at UC Berkeley and passing the California bar, O’Brien joined the Army Reserve Judge Advocate General Corps and launched his civilian law career, he said in a 2015 interview, one of a series he gave to this reporter between then and 2017.

He moved to La Cañada Flintridge decades ago, and raised two children there. His son Robert died in an accidental drowning in September 2015, a few months after his high school graduation and just as he was poised to embark on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. ... ty-advisor

O’Brien sees himself as a Reagan Republican, and he supported Trump’s campaign promises to “rebuild the military.” Still, when Trump emerged as the likely Republican nominee, O’Brien expressed reservations about his national security prowess.

“Unfortunately, he has been short on specifics and has criticized key weapons systems,” he said at the time.

Yet O’Brien didn’t join the “Never Trump” movement founded by some Republican former national security officials and analysts, keeping his options open.

So what comes first - his commitment to America’s security, or his allegiance to the Church?
Is he prepared to suggest the elimination of a Church member if it’s in America’s interest?
Does the Church now have the ability to wield undue influence at the very top of the American Government?
If he advises military strikes which kill innocents, does he lose his temple recommend? Would he be excommunicated for such a thing?

He’s Trumps’ “Worm Tongue” with the Church, in turn, his “Saruman”.
“When we are confronted with evidence that challenges our deeply held beliefs we are more likely to reframe the evidence than we are to alter our beliefs. We simply invent new reasons, new justifications, new explanations. Sometimes we ignore the evidence altogether.” (Mathew Syed 'Black Box Thinking')

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