Damn kids these days (Cosmic Skeptic)

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Damn kids these days (Cosmic Skeptic)

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Some darn smart kids! 17 years old.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7kIy8 ... 8Gzl8NLjOQ

'The New Atheists' (Four Horsemen of Atheism) are actually old hat! Ten years back, a book by one of the Horsemen was basically the only source of good information and activism for atheism. Any more youtube an a much younger generation of atheist activism is thriving and with some excellent contrasts of direct debunking verses the old horsemen's formal debate world.

Technology continues to soar exponentially, and this aspect of social media is very powerful and hitting huge audiences.

oh, and if Ceeboo is looking, he is not a product of the US school system ... sad how quickly we are falling behind.

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