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 Post subject: My Comments on "The Swedish Rescue Document"
PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 2:42 pm 

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Letter from Church History Department
”The Swedish Rescue” Salt Lake City, January 21, 2012.
I think we all agree that in your efforts to rescue those who are struggling, no ”program” [i.e. The Addiction Program] is needed. Rather, priesthood leaders who hold keys, who are filled with charity, and who seek the guidance of the Spirit, will know in each case how best to proceed.
COMMENT: The bishop and others whom I went to for answers, in sincerely, only yelled at me and threatened to "ex" me if I didn't stop asking quetions. Is that being "filled with charity"?
The following summary of the principles that we discussed during your visit may be helpful to you and local priesthood leaders;
(1) The Church does not hide historical facts. In fact, it makes every effort to be open and honest about its past and current actions.
COMMENT: Really? I guess this is why no Church website or book mentions the Curse of Cain Doctrine, Joseph Smith's polygamy, his polyandry, his affair with Fanny Alger, his denying he was a polygamist in public while privately practicing it, his days pretending to find buried treasure with his peepstone, the Book of Abraham problems, Brigham Young's talks on Adam-God or Blood Atonement, Brigham's tobacco farms or whiskey distillery...the list goes on and on.
(2) The internet and digital records now make information about the Church available to many who because of language and other limitations have not previously known of this information. This does not mean that such information was hidden by the Church; it was simply not generally available.
COMMENT: No, it means this information has been and STILL IS "hidden" by the Church.
(3) Joseph Smith and the prophets who succeeded him were not wicked or deceiving men.
COMMENT: Joseph Smith lied about polygamy, and he tried to seduce the wives of other men, and he tried to pressure young girls into having sex with him. Not wicked or deceitful?
Joseph did not become a ”fallen prophet.”
COMMENT: He was at BEST a fallen prophet!
He and all other prophets of this dispensation have human weaknesses. They have often admitted this and the scriptures sometimes confirm that God is not pleased with them. However, they worthily exercised their priesthood keys and led the Church in their time as directed by God through revelation.
COMMENT: Joseph Smith was hardly "worthy" when he went after young girls and the wives of men he sent on missions to England
This is true of President Thomas S. Monson today.
(4) Obtaining or regaining a testimony of Joseph Smith as a prophet of God and of the restoration of the gospel through him is always essentially a spiritual quest. Nephi’s reminder to his older brother of the Lord’s words provides a good description of the path each must walk: ”If ye will not harden your hearts, and ask me in faith, believing that ye shall receive, with diligence in keeping my commandments, surely these things shall be made known unto you”, (1 Nephi 15:11).
(5) In working with individual members who are expressing doubts, priesthood leaders should (a) provide the best possible answers to the questions the members are asking,
COMMENT: How are local leaders to provide the best possible answer when they are NOT given any answers to offer?
(b) teach the spiritual path each must walk to gain or regain a testimony, helping the members to remember past spiritual witnesses and to avoid contact with evil influences, and (c) emphasize that faith is a conscious choice that each must make.
COMMENT: i.e. Tell the Doubting Members "Look, don't worry about it! Just have faith".
(6) As guided by the Spirit, the scriptures, and Handbook 1 (section 6.7.3 material on Apostasy), priesthood leaders may need to take disciplinary action with those members who persist in publicly opposing the Church and its leaders after they have been lovingly worked with and corrected by their bishop or higher authority. Alma’s counsel is important in this regard: ”Now repentance could not come unto men except there were a punishment…” (Alma 42:16).
COMMENT: i.e. if they don't obey you and keep their mouths shut after you tell them to then go ahead and excommunicate them.
The three-point approach [1. Prevent, 2. Regain and3. Facts & Answers]… formulated after our meeting may be a very good framework to share with priesthood leaders along with the principles set out above.
COMMENT: "Facts" are never given, and "answers" are: "Gee, we really don't now, just have more faith" is not an answer but an equivocation.
I think this sums up the things we agreed to during our meeting. We join our faith and prayers with yours that we can make difference in the lives of those Swedish Saints whose faith is being tested.
May the Lord bless you and your associates there, is our prayer.
Sincerely your brother
Elder Marlin K. Jensen

FINAL COMMENT: The Swedish Rescue Document basically tells bishops and branch presidents to tell Doubting Members to "have more faith or ELSE". Same old ____ that has been coming down from the COB since before there was a COB. Ultimately, it will not work. The Church in Sweden will shrink by a third, and the Brethren will continue to BLAME THE MEMBERS for the results of their own apathetic dishonesty.

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