A lower form of reptile?

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A lower form of reptile?

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Got this nugget in my inbox today from the BYU Law Society:

"I believe that is the way consecration figures in our professional lives. It is not an artificial or externally imposed thing. But, by bringing understanding and love to our contacts with others--clients, opponents, judges--we can share those things most sacred to us--the spirit of the Savior, the eternal concepts of Christ's love and the atonement--not through preaching, but through demonstration, not by announcement, but by letting others feel its sweetness and peace. I believe that we cannot perform immoral acts and pursue unethical courses if we remain true to that spirit as we bring it to our daily service.

Constance K. Lundberg, "The Ethical Professional", Life in the Law, 184, 2004

I wonder why the LDS apologists don't strive for the same standard in their 'battles' with critics that BYU Law asks its students and alumni to demonstrate toward their litigation adversaries, clients and judges?

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