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So many updates!

- The update is complete! We are now running on the latest version of phpBB!

- We also have new chat software. It should be more stable than the flash-based software we were using before.

- New blog software! With 3 styles, and the ability to create your own with CSS!

- Some things have been moved, and some features have changed how they work. Keep your eyes open, and feel free to pm keene if you have any questions.


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Mormon Discussions


Mormon Discussions. . . Because we all want the truth.

Here is a place of free discussion. Whether you want to discuss the finer intricacies of doctrine, or whether you want to discuss the truthiness of the church in general, your word will be heard here.

Pro, anti, investigator, questioner, critic, apologetic, no matter what you call yourself, what you have to say, or what your agenda is, you have a place here. We pride ourselves on a minimalistic moderation policy, so that your voice is always heard.




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